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      Haimen ChengJun Glass Co., LTD Introduction was founded in 1980, that specialized in the production of pharmaceutical glass packaging materials, has got the certificate of AAA degree, Haimen City Civilized Unit, haimen key industrial enterprises, etc. The company has more than 100 employees, of whom 10 were professional and technical management staff .the annual output of low borosilicate and Neutral borosilicate glass ampule is 500 millions (Ampoules made of neutral borosilicate glass tubing , 100 millions).

     The company core products is Ampoules made of neutral borosilicate glass tubing.we select and use the excellent glass tube manufacturer in the world such as : German SCHOTT company Italy NEUBOR company, NEG Japanese company borosilicate 5.0 glass tube .The chemical constituents in full compliance with the word wide standard requirement for the type I glass.The horizontal anmpoule making machine has the functions of bottle making, printing, and automatic packaging into one entity, We has imported the word most advantageous vertical ampoule forming machine from Italian OCMI. Spain KYP company. Our company focus on customer and domestic counterparts to carry out information and technology exchanges and communication .Assisting customer to analyze and solve problems in the process of using machine . Translating customer requirements into the agreements ,working out inter controlled standard., Satisfy the customer 's individuation requirements

     We complete have quality control, and checkout equipment ,All stress instrument, analytical balance., Electronic scale, Breaking Strength Mete Beating -reading instrument ,silk wall bottom , thickness meter, high pressure steam sterilizer.All products have to pass strict inspection for the appearance, size, physical and chemical properties before they go out .

     For 30 years, haimen ChengJun glass co., LTD., relying on the stable quality of products, good after-sales service, attract customers good reputation ,. we implement the "Standard operation, integrity and efficient, win-win cooperation" values.always put clients' requirement into the first place,Unity innovation ,True collaboration,with the pharmaceutical business to create a better tomorrow.


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